Events and Activities of the Central Pennsylvania Mushroom Club

Mushroom Events in 2014

 Please note that the rest of our meetings for the year are on Sunday.

 Next event 

  • Sunday, October 19 Mushroom walk at Fox Farm, Foxburg, PA 1 pm.  Address and GPS coordinates.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

  • Sunday, November 16 Mushroom walk at Black Moshannon State Park 1 pm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Usually the club meets on the third Saturday or Sunday of the month, but there are exceptions to this schedule.


CPMC was organized in 2010, and had a very busy first four years with many accomplishments. If you paid your 2013 dues before our September 23rd meeting, you need to pay your $20.00 dues for 2014. Its easy to renew and pay by PayPal (although the Club will receive your entire payment if you pay in cash at a club event, or send a check to our PO Box). Click here to pay 2014 dues using PayPal, or for more information about how to become a continuing or new member of CPMC. If you've already paid your dues for 2014, thanks!

* Dates and places are subject to change if mushrooms fruit in an area we'd rather visit! Be sure to check this web site a few days before our scheduled event to be sure no change has been made!

Additional Event Information

  • During mushrooming season, Bill Russell  has a weekly free wild mushroom identification and discussion session every Monday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Websters, 133 East Beaver Avenue, State College. Bring in your finds and meet some other local mushroom lovers while you are at it.


  • Come and enjoy the fabulous, famous, and fun-filled Weebull Steakhouse and Pub's annual mushroom festival on Saturday, October 252014 in Driftwood, PA starting at noon. The event is free.
    Bill Russell will give a wild mushroom slide show followed by a wild mushroom walk and elk watching in one of Pennsylvania's most beautiful wilderness woodlands.
    You will love the annual mushroom soup contest. All are welcome to bring a pot of their favorite mushroom soup for judging, made from store-bought mushrooms only. After everyone samples and evaluates the delicious entries, the judges will announce the soup winner. Confetti time?
    If large puffball mushrooms are available Weebulls will feature their unique and unforgettable puffball pizza - a rate treat!
    Ask a local resident, and you might visit the birthplace of Driftwood's celebrity: old-time movie cowboy Tom Mix.
    Weebull is a 4 ½ star restaurant and pub. Driftwood is a very small town located in the heart of elk country. The restaurant is easy to find. Come and enjoy the marvelous food, the elk, and a day of mushrooming fun.


Past Events


September 2014 Potluck and mushroom walk at the Union County Sportsmans Club

August 22-24, 2014 Bill Russell Foray 

July 2014 Mushroom walk at Reed's Gap State Park

June 2014 Mushroom walk at S. B. Elliott State Park 

May 2014 Spring potluck and mushroom walk at Cooks Forest State Park. 

April 2014 Morel group discussion and walk at Bald Eagle State Park.

March 2014 Shiitake log inoculation workshop.

February 2014 Wine tasting and presentation by Dr. Overton at Happy Valley Winery.

April 2012 Potluck & Mushroom Walk at Bald Eagle State Park (View Slideshow)

November Mushroom Walk at Black Moshannon State Park (View Slideshow)

October Mushroom Walk and Picnic at Greenwood Furnace State Park (View Slideshow)

August CPMC 3rd Annual Foray (View Slideshow)

June Mushroom Walk at Parker Dam State Park (View Slideshow)

May Mushroom Walk at Alan Seeger Natural Area (View Slideshow)

April Mushroom walk at Spring Creek and Slab Cabin Parks (View Slideshow)

Demonstration of home mushroom cultivation techniques (View Slideshow)

Tour of PSU's Mushroom Test Demonstration Facility (View Slideshow)

Tour of the Kneebone Mushroom Reference Collection at Pattee-Paterno Library (View Slideshow)

Mushroom Walk at Sunset Park Saturday, November 15. (View Sideshow)

Mushroom Walk & Potluck at Whipple Dam Sunday, October 24. (View slideshow) About 25 folks came and enjoyed good food, good company, and a mushroom walk and ID session with experts Bill Russell and Karen Croyle. Despite the dry weather, some 'shrooms were found. The pickings in some other areas of central PA have been a lot better than here. Member Chris Ciccarelli has been on a roll. Take a gander at two of his recent finds and eat your hearts out!!!